The State of Animal-Assisted and Equine-Assisted Interventions: A New Paradigm Shift for the Future

The State of Animal-Assisted and Equine-Assisted Interventions: A New Paradigm Shift for the Future

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The State of Animal-Assisted and Equine-Assisted Interventions: A New Paradigm Shift for the Future

 We are excited to have a special webinar presentation by Dr. Aubrey Fine, who was received at our Eagala Conference with several standing ovations! He will be presenting his conference presentation as a webinar to help make this wonderful information more available.

The field of human–animal interactions (HAI) and more specifically animal assisted interventions (AAI) and equine-assisted interventions have greatly evolved over the past half century. Our association with animal companions and health has a long history. Specifically, the fields of AAI/EAI are becoming a more recognized form of complementary therapy.  Both areas of investigation and practice have evolved from mainly misunderstood/sensationalized relationships between humans and animals and have emerged as more legitimate fields of study and service. What was once first thought of as somewhat novel and unusual is now generating more enthusiasm not only by the general public but also by the growing numbers of interdisciplinary scientists and practitioners interested in studying and applying the inherent value of human animal interactions.

 Both fields are quickly approaching a paradigm shift, adjusting their image to incorporate more evidence-based research and aligning its purpose for the new future. Within this webinar, several issues will be discussed. Attention will initially  be given to briefly defining the key ingredients to the human animal bond, a brief overview of the major milestones that the field has undergone,  as well as clarify the psychological and physiological benefits derived from the bond.

This information will be followed by a discussion of  the contemporary critical issues that confront the field today. Attention will be given to highlighting several critical issues including the state of research in the field, suggestions for fostering best clinical practices and explaining why and how they work as well as guidelines for animal welfare. The presentation will conclude with Dr. Fine’s perceptions for the field’s future trajectory, which will include the need for a shift in public policy and acceptance.


About Dr. Aubrey Fine

Dr. Fine is a native of Montreal, Canada. He received his graduate degree from University of Cincinnati in 1982. Dr. Fine has been on the faculty at California State Polytechnic University since 1981 and is presently a Professor Emeritus and a licensed psychologist.  In 2001 Dr. Fine was presented the Wang Award given to distinguished professor within the California State University system (23 Universities). 
Aubrey has been recognized by numerous organizations for his service and dedication to children, animals and the community. In July of 2016 he received the William McCulloch Award for Excellence in HAI Education and Practice from the International Association of Human Animal Interaction Organizations, in Paris, France. Additionally, he was awarded the Educator of the Year in 1990, from the Learning Disability Association of CA as well as receiving the 2006 CA Poly Faculty Award for Community Engagement.   

Dr. Fine’s primary research interests relate to the psycho-social impact of human animal interactions and animal assisted interventions, social skills training and children with ADHD, and resilience in children, Dr. Fine is the author of several books including the Our Faithful Companions, Parent Child Dance, Therapist's Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders, Fathers and Sons, The Total Sports Experience for Children, Give a Dog Your Heart, The Handbook on Animal Assisted Therapy (new 5th edition released in July 2019)  and Afternoons with Puppy. He also has had a featured monthly column in Dog Fancy Magazine on the human animal bond entitled the Loving Bond. He has been a guest on numerous national TV and Radio Shows including on programs on ABC, Discovery Network, KTLA, NPR, PBS, Fox and CNN.   His work has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, People magazine,  LA and N.Y. Times. He was noted as one of the pioneers in Animal Assisted Therapy in a March issue of the NY Times. Dr. Fine is the chair of the Human Animal Bond Advisory Committee of Pet Partners as well as the past chair of the steering committee on Human Animal Interactions for the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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