October 25, 2020 MOKAN Eagala Networking Meeting
October 25, 2020 MOKAN Eagala Networking Meeting

October 25, 2020 MOKAN Eagala Networking Meeting

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Date & Time:  October 25, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm CST

Location:  Zoom Meeting

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM CST

To receive the meeting link, please RSVP to Cathy Cowger, cathy.cowger@gmail.com

Attn: We are changing the normally scheduled time due to the differences in time zones with our presenters.

Have you heard about The Horse Path Therapeutic Cards from Horses in the Room? Do you wonder how using this resource could represent another tool in your practice's virtual tool box?

We are happy to announce our meeting's educational portion will be presented by:

Orly Barak and Yarden Mendelson of Horses in the Room

Orly has over 25 years of experience in organizational consulting, leadership development, and group instruction in team development programs and executive empowerment in business, public sector and non-profit entities, as well as leading and developing at-risk adolescent programs. Orly integrates work and horses both in Israel and the United States. She is a certified group therapist and is a Gestalt theory graduate from the Tel-Aviv University. She co-founded Barak-Ben Shalom, an organizational consulting firm, and is Eagala Certified since 2005.

Yarden has over 10 years of experience in leading programs for at-risk adolescents. Yarden is a clinical psychology M.A. graduate, working with kids, adolescents and their parents. Currently she is a Ph.D. student with her research considering the long term effects of the Israeli environment on adolescents. Yarden is a therapeutic riding instructor and Eagala Certified since 2013.

From their About page:
"Horses, like human beings, are social and communicational animals. They set roles in their herds, they prefer to be amongst their friends. They have a personality, an attitude and different moods. The pictures were chosen to display a variety of situations in the herds' life to enable the client to use them as metaphors to situations in his life: with himself, with his companions and with his surroundings.
The Horse Path Therapeutic Cards are compatible to working with children and adults and can be used in different contexts: one-on-one, group work, family therapy, supervision and more."


Remember, to receive the meeting link, please RSVP to cathy.cowger@gmail.com

-A note from our presenters:
"It is recommended that people will Zoom through their laptops or computers not iPhones because we want to send platform to each participant so we can exercise using it"

We hope to see you there!
Wendy Branson & Cathy Cowger
MoKan Coordinators

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