Equine Specialist, Part 2

Equine Specialist, Part 2

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The Equine Specialist Webinar Series explores the many roles and responsibilities of an equine specialist in an Eagala program. The first webinar  ES Webinar I - was designed to introduce general topics related to equine specialist roles. Thank you to all who participated and have provided feedback! Eagala believes in the importance of providing an outlet for equine specialists to share questions, concerns, ideas and support for one another.

ES Webinar II builds on the foundation laid and addresses some of the requests for more information on specific topics:  assessing and selecting horses for Eagala work, some of the unique ethical and management considerations for Eagala program horses, and others.  There will be time for Q&A at the end and participants may submit questions when they register.

Eagala trainer and Equine Specialist Professional, Amy Blossom Lomas (Reins of Change, Inc., Elgin, Illinois) and Eagala trainer and Equine Specialist Professional, Mary Lytle (Head, Heart, Horses, Marion, NC), will present these topics and respond to other questions. Join us!

Learning Objectives:

    1. Build awareness of the roles, boundaries and ethics equine specialists manage related to their Eagala work

    2. Enhance skills in assessing horses for Eagala work and working in herds

    3. Expand knowledge of specialized management skills for horses in Eagala programs


Cost: $15 USD
Time: 1 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 1

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