Horse Powered Reading by Michele Pickel & Marcy Tocker

Horse Powered Reading by Michele Pickel & Marcy Tocker

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Horse Powered Reading®: Horses, Science of Reading, and Mental Health Supporting Readers

Presenter Name: Michele Pickel PhD
Licensure Credentials: Eagala Advanced Certified; PK-8 Teaching license with K-12 Reading Endorsement.
Secondary Presenter: Marcy Tocker, MA, NCC
Licensure Credentials: Eagala Certified

Horse Powered Reading® (HPR) combines the Science of Reading with Horses to address not only academic needs, but also the increasing concerns of student Mental Health. Using research-based reading instruction strategies in fun activities and games, students of all ages can break through social emotional challenges to experience exponential reading improvement. Horse Powered Reading® research with students of all ages and a wide range of abilities has shown that this program can differentiate instruction to accommodate neurotypical as well as neurodiverse students. Because of the multisensory nature of Horse Powered Reading®, it is particularly beneficial for students struggling with dyslexia and learning difficulties. After 12 years training over 700 Horse Powered Reading® facilitators in 21 different countries, we have found HPR to be equally impactful in other languages and other subject areas such as math and science. Some HPR programs have even begun working with low literate adults and elderly clients struggling with memory.

Objective 1: Participants will be able to identify key components of EAGALA Model Horse Powered Reading®

Objective 2: Participants will observe and be able to describe how academic and Mental Health issues impact reading for a wide variety of clients and how Horse Powered Reading® can help them.

Objective 3: Participants will discuss several Horse Powered Reading® activities and how to apply them to meet clients’ emotional and academic needs.