Seeking Equine Specialist Facilitator, CA

Seeking Equine Specialist Facilitator, CA

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EQUINE SPECIALIST FACILITATOR. 15 – 30 hrs /week, some flexibility in hours. Must be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Stand InBalance, LLC is an innovative equine experiential growth and learning center.

You must have excellent natural horsemanship and facilitator skills, be able to work independently, and be dependable and highly organized with a positive attitude.



• Provide Equine Assisted Growth and Learning to a variety of participants, with a specialty in groups for youth.
• Provide Equine Specialist support to Clinical Staff for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for a variety of clients.
• Must possess an ability to communicate lesson and program information to a wide variety of individuals with patience and understanding.
• Assist in assessments of client needs and provide activities for clients that are appropriate to age, development, needs and interest.
• Act to preserve client safety during activities.
• Document sessions as needed.
• Demonstrate ability to manage all non-typical circumstances during equine facilitated learning sessions with professionalism and sensitivity (injuries, unexpected client behaviors, unexpected horse behaviors, unexpected environmental variables, etc.)
• Demonstrate ability to work cooperatively as a part of a therapy team with EAL-ES.
• Observe and report behaviors in the horses that could indicate issues with the client, the horse or the overall well-being of any person or animal involved in Stand InBalance programming.
• Generate client activities and contribute to Stand InBalance curriculums
• Strictly maintain and protect patient information and privacy
• Provide Equine Management including, but not limited to:
o Natural Horsemanship Training
o Exercise
o Grooming
o Cleaning arena, tack, etc.
o Supply orders, vaccine schedules, basic health care – deworming & minor injuries
o Site checks
o Organization of Equine facility and equipment
o Training volunteers

• Assist in the profiling and testing process for new horses being considered for inclusion in Stand InBalance programs

• Communicate recommendations for identified issues or problems regarding the program to the CEO or Program Manager

Requirements and Skills:

• Bachelor’s degree preferred. At least High School Diploma or GED required
• At least 6,000 hours experience of hands on work with horses (equivalent of 3 years full-time).
• PATH and / or EAGALA certified Equine Specialist
• At least 20 hours of continuing education in the horse profession. Some of this education needs to include topics covering:
a) Ground work experience
b) Horse psychology knowledge
c) Ability to read horse body language/nonverbal communication

• Familiar with and willing to provide Natural Horsemanship principles to interaction with and care of equines
• Excellent verbal communication skills
• Ability to handle physically demanding job requirements
• Ability to handle outdoor working conditions
• Familiarity with and interest in basic human psychological disorders and their treatment
• Sensitive to the needs of youth and a basic understanding of adolescent development
• Ability to establish and maintain a positive therapeutic relationship with clients and work with groups
• Must be a team player
• Ability to use problem solving and advanced judgment skills to make decisions in situations where there are no established procedures
• Ability to work independently, prioritize, and consistently follow through
• Highly organized and able to deliver high quality work
• Positive, enthusiastic, personable, and flexible
• Willing to submit to a personal and criminal background check


• Three years’ experience facilitating group equine activities
• Three years’ experience facilitating group recreational activities

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