Rhiannon C. Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST, S-PSB

Rhiannon C. Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST, S-PSB

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Rhiannon C. Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST, S-PSB is a dually qualified Eagala Advanced Certified Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist and an Eagala Mentor. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behavior, and holds licenses in five states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas. She resides in Austin, TX and owns and operates SexTherapy-Online, PLLC, a sex therapy private practice that offers both online and in-person sex therapy services, supervision, education, training, and publications. In addition to a variety of post-modern therapy models, she utilizes animal assisted therapy using small animals and ecotherapy in her private practice.

Rhiannon's Eagala journey began in 2005 and has evolved in a variety of ways. She provides consultation, mentoring, training, and education in the Eagala model as well as provides contracted services to children, families, individuals, couples and groups in retreat and intensive settings and for a local equine assisted services center. She is also an avid rider and holds two World Championship Titles with her horse, who she has owned for 23 years.

"Eagala has been a long-term professional home for me. I initially began as an Equine Specialist while I was in my graduate program in New York at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc. and was an early program coordinator, educator, and therapist and helped build that Eagala and EAP/EAL program from the ground up. I have experience in fee-for-service and not-for-profit Eagala services and programs and have extensive experience in working with a variety of professionals, programs, and populations.

Once I graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2007, I began working almost full-time as an EAL/EAP professional and obtained my Eagala Advanced Certification in 2010. My primary role in Eagala for the past several years has been writing articles, presenting at the conference, training, educating, and mentoring Eagala professionals, and providing services in a variety of settings. Eagala is like an old friend to me professionally and I incorporate Eagala principles in all aspects of my work.

In 2012, I was hired as the Animal and Agricultural Science Program Coordinator for the University of New Hampshire, developing and implementing animal and agricultural science youth development programs. This position further developed my experience with youth development programs and and a variety of models of equine assisted learning.

My mentoring style is collaborative and directive. I believe we are both professionals that have unique and valuable skill sets. I do not approach our mentorship from a hierarchical perspective but rather from a colleague-to-colleague approach. I would be happy to help you achieve your Eagala goals and guide and mentor you in perfecting your craft."