Randy Mandrell

Randy Mandrell

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Eagala-advanced, is co-founder and Director of Equine Services with Refuge Services, Inc. He is the first horse professional to offer Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) services on an outpatient basis in partnership with professional counselors in the state of Texas. With over 40 years of experience with horses and 25 years experience as a professional horse trainer and farrier, Randy has many life lessons that aid in a keep awareness to non-verbal subtleties in sessions. Randy’s knowledge about horse behavior, safety, and psychology is outstanding. Randy was recognized by Eagala as “Outstanding Horse Professional” in 2001 for his superior work with clients and collaboration with other therapists in his community. He is Advanced certified by Eagala as well as a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor. He previously served as director of equine services for a residential treatment center for girls with Eating Disorders using EAP as one of the primary therapeutic intervention tools. As Director of Equine Services at Refuge Services, he supervises all equine specialists & instructors as well as a herd of 20 therapy horses, who serve approximately 160 clients per week, providing hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, and Eagala-model EAP. In addition to services to regional clients, I offer continuing education opportunities at our facility to aid in growth and development in the model through workshops and internships.

"Being one of the first Eagala providers in Texas has provided numerous opportunities to share about the model and experience sessions with people who were skeptical about EAP and often therapy in general. Also, managing a facility that incorporates Eagala model and PATH services can be complex. This creates opportunities to discuss boundaries, ethics, and collaboration. I work alongside my wife, who is a therapist; and we have collaborated in this work for over 19 years. We have new awareness's daily that continue to sharpen skills and aid in getting to know our horses, clients, and selves better. I enjoy sharing these experiences with others. We are a Christian non-profit and provide services from a faith-based model."

See the attached video to hear just a few of the miracles we experience daily at our facility doing this work.

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