Patti Schlough, LCPC (MD), LPC (PA) NCC, Eagala Advanced certified

Patti Schlough, LCPC (MD), LPC (PA) NCC, Eagala Advanced certified

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Patti Schlough, LCPC (MD), LPC (PA) NCC, Eagala Advanced certified

Education: BA degree: Psychology, Loyola University, 1986

M.Ed.: School Counseling K-12, Loyola University 1992

Post-Graduate Certificate: Spiritual and Existential Counseling and Therapy,

Johns Hopkins University, 2004

Eagala certified 2004

Eagala Advanced Certification 2010

Mindful Schools certification intensive 2017

"In life, people experience stressors, trauma, grief, loss, anxiety or depression that may cause them to feel like things are careening out of control. My desire is to help bring calm awareness and compassion to people seeking healing. I help clients, who include teens, adults and families find their strength, develop their resources and build their coping skills to live safe, satisfying and healthy lives.
There is no “one way” for all people to find what helps or heals. I use various modalities including Cognitive Behavioral, existential, solution oriented, mindfulness and experiential modalities including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning to help client’s access their path to healing.
My Eagala work includes working with both small and large groups, individuals, couples and families. I have worked with school groups as well as therapeutic treatment groups. A great deal of our work is providing Equine Assisted psychotherapy to those encountering grief and loss as well as trauma."