Meet BB King looking for a good home

Meet BB King looking for a good home

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Meet BB King, otherwise known as Boo.  He is 21 years old, about 15.2h.  We were going to head out for a walk - he doesn't wear a halter as he's easy to catch. 

I bought him when he was about 6yo. He had been rescued after being turned out as a 4yo into a corn stubble field. The rescuer put about 300lbs on him, and I put another 100 or so, and got his feet back in shape. Boo has major trust issues - you could only pet him if he had a horse in between.  Once you had a hand on him, you could pet the rest of him. He soon became the first horse up to the fence - even with strangers!  He had fear issues on the trail, and I was delighted on day when the pine trees were closed in tight, brushing against him - he was so afraid he'd grabbed his tail - but he kept listening to me, held his breath, and cleared the trees with a big sigh! (Both of us).

I tell you all this because he understands fear and distrust, and he understands redemption and grace. He would be able to reach out and touch an injured soul. He has mine. If anyone has questions, feel free to call me at 507-236-2077. Thank you - Leslie Johnson.