Marketing, Money & Mindset Mini-Course

Marketing, Money & Mindset Mini-Course

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Join us to pivot your messaging, connect with your ideal clients, and build your Equine Assisted Business to create your own economic recovery!

Each training brings new content to support you and your horses in marketing and growing your business.

- Identify common "Dangerous Mindsets" that stifle your business in economic recovery

- Get the "Must Haves" to market effectively in the coming months
Pinpoint the disconnect between your marketing and desired results.

- Stop chasing money and attract clients that are a joy to work with!
Increase confidence!

- Let's talk social media and your horses!

Soleful Marketing, Money & Mindset - is a business education series designed to support your Equine Assisted Business in growth & sustainability. (even in challenging times)[UNIQID]


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