Horses Needing New Homes, North Carolina

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A local riding program has 3 horses looking for new homes:

Woody:  a 10-year old palomino gelding, has been a lesson horse and partnered for therapeutic riding program.  Vet recommendation to not be ridden due to ligament issues in back legs, weak sesamoid bones; but is great on the ground and would make a wonderful horse partner for a ground only program. Good temperament, except for ligament/sesamoid issue-a healthy, sound horse.  It needs to place in a good non-riding home.

Santana: a 22-year old white & brown paint gelding, has been a lesson horse and partnered for therapeutic riding program.  He cannot be ridden in this way anymore due to some arthritis issues with front, left knee.  He would be wonderful as a therapy partner in a ground only program, although could do light riding (walk), according to the owner.  Healthy and sound other than arthritis, good temperament.  His owner passed away and he is in need of a new place.

Cookie:  older, ~23-year old mare, maybe older. Had been a therapeutic riding partner for 5 years. She was re-homed and received improper care. She’s been brought back to a healthy weight.  Needs specialized care…no hay, eats mash.  Good for ground only therapy program.

These horses are located in Burke County, NC.  This is all the information I have been given.  If you are interested and have more questions, please PM me and I will provide the owner’s contact information.  Hoping someone can help provide loving homes!  Thank you!


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