Horses in the Room: The Horsepath Therapeutic Cards

Horses in the Room: The Horsepath Therapeutic Cards

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This interactive webinar will present and practice the use of therapeutic cards and how to utilize Eagala facilitation skillsets to provide impactful experiences which can enhance the time in the arena, or be used when you can't be in the arena live with horses.

Hour 1 is about discussing the theoretical foundations of working with therapeutic cards (positive psychology, the narrative approach) and the methodology to incorporate working with the cards to strengthen the therapeutic process in general, and in using the Eagala Model.

 We will demonstrate how using the therapeutic cards when working with the Eagala Model can help the facilitators better understand the client’s inner world, motivate and strengthen the client’s ability to take responsibility for the process, and help both facilitators and the client process in a different and direct way what happened in the arena with the real horses.

Hour 2 is demonstrating the new online platform to utilize the Horse Path therapeutic cards, and ways to incorporate them in a telehealth session. 

The Horse Path therapeutic cards contain 76 pictures that capture a wide range of situations in the herd’s life while living in their natural habitat, and were chosen to enable clients to use them as metaphors to situations encountered in life.

Speaker bios:

Orly Barak
Orly has over 25 years of experience in organizational consulting, leadership development, and group instruction in team development programs and executive empowerment in business, public sector and non-profit entities, as well as leading and developing at-risk adolescent programs. Orly integrates work and horses both in Israel and the United States. She is a certified group therapist and is a Gestalt theory graduate from the Tel-Aviv University. She co-founded Barak-Ben Shalom, an organizational consulting firm, and is Eagala Certified since 2005. 

Yarden Mendelson
Yarden has over 10 years of experience in leading programs for at-risk adolescents. Yarden is a clinical psychology M.A. graduate, working with kids, adolescents and their parents. Currently she is a Ph.D. student with her research considering the long term effects of the Israeli environment on adolescents. Yarden is a therapeutic riding instructor and Eagala Certified since 2013.

Cost: $30 USD
Time: 2 hour
Eagala CEU hours: 2

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