Helping Wounded Warriors Manage Anger and Other Intense Emotions

Helping Wounded Warriors Manage Anger and Other Intense Emotions

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Written By Joseph Lancia, D.O., Eagala Advanced.  

25 Pages

This manual is to assist EAP practitioners wanting to work with military personnel who are dealing with anger and other strong emotions. This manual is presented in a psycho-educational format where each session has a particular therapeutic and educational intention. This does not mean that aspects of this manual cannot be incorporated into a treatment plan for individuals undergoing psychotherapy, or that sessions necessarily need to be followed in a linear order. This manual is offered to help treatment teams assist wounded warriors in focusing on identification of challenges associated with anger and other strong emotions, goal-setting around making different choices and exploring positive life style changes associated with the management of anger and other strong emotions. It includes assessing the scope of the problem (physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually), identifying and working with triggers associated with anger and exploring the anger/aggression cycle. It also considers strategies to manage strong emotions including aspects of healthy communication, active listening, exploring problem focused and emotion focused aspects of active coping and developing cognitive flexibility through a framework for cognitive reappraisal.


Readers are invited to remember that the horse is an important component in both guiding and informing the process that unfolds and opening the possibility for healing.