Book for Facilitators and Clients

Book for Facilitators and Clients

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A resource for you who serve clients with PTSD, particularly those with a history of childhood sexual abuse. It reads like a novel, but is a true story. Written with the intent of helping survivors and those who love them better understand the negative impact of trauma on relationships, self-esteem, social interactions, employment, etc.

Follow Me, Friend: a memoir of undiagnosed PTSD, and the healing power of the horse-human relationship.

If you were insane, would you know it? Could you hide it? How long could you keep that terrible secret? What would happen when everyone discovered the truth?

Follow Me, Friend is the true story of a young woman dealing with the daily struggles of living with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder—and the healing she receives through the power of the horse-human relationship. Told through her experiences of suffering the effects of childhood sexual abuse while having no conscious memory of the abuse, Cheryl walks the reader through a life in which she believes she is crazy, and she has the voices in her mind to prove it. Spiraling deeper into depression and plagued by a destructive inner voice that takes on a personality all its own, Cheryl sees only one way out, permanently.

That is, until a small, thin, scraggly horse comes into her life and changes everything. or find it on Amazon (search follow me friend eriksen)