Specialized Designations

Eagala Military Services - Individual and Program designations

INDIVIDUAL Designation: Eagala Certified members who have met standards of training and experience working with military culture and clinical needs. Provides a minimum standard for ethical practice, and a way to share with Eagala members your specialization with this population to help with networking and connecting with programs. The individual designation stays in place as long as your Eagala certification is kept current.

Click here for the individual designation information and application 

PROGRAM Designation: Programs that have both a mental health professional (MH) and an equine specialist (ES) with the individual military designations, and which meet additional qualifications. The program designation is required to be on Eagala Military Services program referral lists and be eligible for potential funding. The program designation requires an annual renewal.

Click here for the program designation information and application


1. You can link to the Eagala Military Services Brochure on your website. You can also purchase copies in the Eagala store, or contact us if you're doing a military conference or event which helps promote Eagala Military Services in a broader way and Eagala will supply brochures for the event. 

2. Eagala Military Services Vertical Banner- contact us if you are doing an event and we can send you one, or if you wish to purchase one for your facility. 

3.  Eagala Military Services video- embed on your website and send the link to key decision makers and legislators in your area.  For messaging to go with your email or letter with the video link - click here. 

4. Remember to check out org/military- the primary landing page to market Eagala Military Services.

5. The following audio presentations provide information in introducing this work with the military:

2012 May 23rd - Presentation at the Navy and Marine Corps Combat & Operational Stress Control Conference - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: A Growing Treatment Modality by Lynn Thomas and StarrLee Heady - 47 minutes audio with powerpoint (Note: if it has trouble bringing up, click the Login link on the left and follow the instructions for username and password, then scroll to the presentation and press the audio icon on the right)

2012 13th Conference - Working with Military Populations by StarrLee Heady (play 80-minute audio below)