Transforming Therapy Through Horses by Lynn Thomas and Mark Lytle

Eagala’s long-awaited book is finally here! Transforming Therapy through Horses is the only book to detail the theory and principles of the Eagala Model by bringing key points to life with powerful accounts from Eagala’s own case files.

Written by Eagala founder Lynn Thomas and trainer Mark Lytle with Brenda Dammann, the book uses powerful accounts to illustrate the model’s nuances in ways that are often both poignant and humorous. Transforming Therapy through Horses walks readers through key points of the model’s structure to inform, educate, and even entertain.

Mental health professionals, existing Eagala practitioners, horse enthusiasts, and curious readers alike will find this the perfect resource to enhance their understanding of this leading methodology, while also serving as a tool to increase learning and sharing among colleagues and friends.

Order your book here. Also available from in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Watch Eagala trainer Mark Lytle re-tell one of his more famous stories from the book, during Eagala’s 2016 Conference

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